Friday, 12 February 2010

The Rain

It's raining on a Saturday and I love it.

Firstly, I love the smell of the rain. Secondly, everytime it thunders I am reminded of the old joke that everytime it happens, St. Peter is playing bowling and lightning means that he knocked down the pins(strike!!!). The old joke and the thought of it makes me smile. Thirdly, it reminds me of my school days back in our country and heavy rains would oftenly mean that we won't have to go to school. Not that I didn't like going to school but that it meant I could have a day or two of rest from school work, stay at home, play, smell the rain and watch the raindrops fall. It also meant enjoying some native meals I love eating on rainy days---steaming hot tamarind soup, crunchy fried fish, boiled rice, boiled vegetables for dipping in shrimp paste. Yum!

There's joy in the little things for a little woman like me.


  1. I've always liked the rain myself as well. It's like a blanket around my house, a soft white noise providing a kind of solitude, the thunder reminding us how small we are and yet how safe.

  2. Very creatively expressed comment, Matt. Thanks.;-)