Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Summit Versus the Black Cat

Tough luck. I guess that's how they call it. It's a black cat.

Some people are lucky. They get almost everything that they want. Some work hard and yet some won't even need to raise a finger to get what they want. Some struggle hard and fail. They try...and fail. They try again...and fail. And you ask why?

The worse part is getting up. It's like getting lost in the woods and starting to sink in a quicksand. You want to panic but you know that you need to stay calm and positive. You have to let yourself stay believing that...somehow...you will get there. Yes, the black cat is hovering but, it is just in your head.

The summit and the the sunrise beckon you.


  1. I've been feeling a lot like that lately. Tired. haggard. Can't catch a break.

    Helps to remind myself of the things I have, as opposed to the things or circumstances I'm working toward. Truth is, I have a lot that most people don't.

    Sure, there are those who have the things I want... But there are also those who want the things I have.

  2. You're very right, Matt.;-) It's a matter of contentment.